How does Wickplants' unique watering system work?

Watering plants is no longer necessary! How?  

With Wickplants, your plants never get too much or too little water again! All plants have a wick. When the plant is thirsty, it draws the water up through the wick. All you have to do is top up the water reservoir once in a while and find a good spot in the house! For the rest, the plant takes care of itself!

To where should I fill my water reservoir?

This depends on the size of the plant. A 180 cm plant has a larger pot, in which it is delivered, than a 30 cm plant. Make sure the pot the plant is delivered in, with the wick in it, is not under water. This pot should hang above the water and the wick hangs in the water up to and including the bottom of the water reservoir. 

Which plants fit in which pot?

Of the smaller houseplants, several plants go in one pot. But how do I know how many plants to put in my favourite pot? The specifications of each pot indicate the number of plants per pot size. You can see these specifications by clicking on the product you would like to receive!

You can also put together your own combinations in the pot-plant combinator. Here you can combine your favourite plant with your favourite pot. Here you have already chosen how many plants will fit into your favourite pot. So how have I already been chosen? Read below how it works when you choose your favourite plant from the pot-plant combinator and look for a pot to go with it. And how it works, when you choose your favourite pot from the pot-plant combinator and find beautiful houseplant(s) for it!

Choose my favourite plants

Choose your favourite plant in the pot-plant combinator. In the case of small houseplants, choose how many of your favourite species you want in one pot. We have already determined how many plants will fit in which pot. For example, if you choose 4 plants with pot size 12 cm, you will only see the pots in which these plants fit. If you choose, for example, 1 large houseplant with pot size 27 cm, you will only see the pots in which this plant fits!

Choose my favourite pot

Choose your favourite pot in the pot-plant combinator. The pots feature a water reservoir, water gauge and decorative stones. With the selected pot, you only see the plants that fit into this pot. For instance, if you choose a narrow pot, it can hold 3 pot size 12 cm houseplants. If you choose a wider pot, it can hold 6 pot size 12 cm plants, for example. In the pot-plant combinator, you can only see the number of plants that fit into this pot. All pots receive decorative stones to complete the pot-plant combination. You choose which decorative stones you want to receive!

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